I Love A Clean San Diego Beach Clean-Up
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific
Event Description

Join the Bird Rock Community Council and JPMorgan Chase’s NextGen & GoodWorks to keep our local beach clean!
Saturday, June 29th, 9:00 am - 12:00 noon. 

PB Point South to Tourmaline Beach Park

Meet at our info table at the top of the beach access stairs located off Sea Ridge Drive at the intersection of Linda Way and Sea Ridge Drive. We will clean up the beach from PB Point south to Tourmaline Surf Park. The north end of the beach is rocky and a bit of a walking challenge. If you would prefer to avoid that challenge, please come to our info table to sign the liability waiver and get instructions, and then walk or drive to the Tourmaline Surf Park and clean your way north towards PB Point. When you are done, please return your completed Litter Data Card to our info table off Sea Ridge Drive (click here for Google Maps).

CAUTION:  In addition to being careful or avoiding the rocks at the north end of our beach, make sure to keep a safe distance from the cliffs. They can fall without notice.

What to Wear and Bring: 
Dress for success, you should wear closed-toed shoes, have some form of sun protection (hat and/or sunscreen) as well as bring a water bottle or two! If you would like to be zero waste champions, we would recommend bringing reusable garden gloves and a bucket. We strongly encourage you to use only one disposable glove each to save on plastic or bring a pair of garden gloves from home. You can save your back by using a trash grabber. Although we are unable to provide them, you can re-purpose old BBQ tongs or buy grabbers through Harbor Freight.

Waiver Forms: 
All participants are required to sign a waiver. Although participants of all ages are welcome, anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver.  We will have waiver forms for individuals and groups at our meeting table. If possible, please read and sign the waiver before arriving for this event. You can get a copy of the individual waiver form HERE or group waiver form HERE

Cleanup Instructions and Safety Rules (Litter not Critters etc.):

  • Only handle litter with gloved hands.
  • Pick up only human-created matter (plastics, metal, glass, Styrofoam, etc.).
  • Leave dead animals, kelp, drift wood and all other naturally occurring items. They are an important part of the ecosystem you are preserving.
  • Avoid disturbing plants and animals.
  • Don’t attempt to move injured animals. Make the lifeguard or ranger aware of the animals and where they are.
  • Don’t pick up syringes, needles, any sharp objects or any other dangerous materials. Tell your site leader if you find them and they will dispose of those items.
  • Don’t lift anything too heavy; when in doubt, don’t try!
  • Leave anything from an active or inactive homeless encampment.  Do not remove clothing, tents, bedding, or other personal belongings. When in doubt, leave it be.
  • Collect everything else.
  • Take the time to search out the little pieces!  Micro plastics - itty-bitty pieces of broken down plastic - are just as important as bigger litter. Try to fill an empty, repurposed jar, takeout container, coffee cup, etc. with those tiny bits, which are easily mistaken for food by animals.
  • Most of the litter out on the beach is small, so keep your eyes out for smaller pieces of debris and sift through the sand to find more!
  • Do not go near any hazardous materials (large metal drums, etc.).
  • Always stay in teams of at least two.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Avoid over-exertion, sunburn, heat exhaustion, and dehydration – take breaks as needed!

Summary Card and Litter Data Cards: 
To support scientific research on beach litter, we will complete the Summary Card, which reports the quantity of litter collected by category of litter for the event as a whole. To do that, we will use the info on the Litter Data Cards completed by the individuals or small groups who participate in the beach cleanup. We will have the Litter Data Cards at our info table and will need you to return a completed Litter Data Card to the info table at the end of your cleanup.  We encourage you all to conduct your cleanup in teams, with one person as the citizen scientist recording the data! This is important for us to track trends over time, areas in need and create more targeted educational material. This is important for the I Love a Clean San Diego, Adopt-A-Beach Program to track trends over time, areas in need and create more targeted educational material.  You can get a copy of the Litter Data Card HERE and see the Summary Card HERE.

The BRCC and JPMorgan Chase’s NextGen and GoodWorks are jointly participating in the I Love a Clean San Diego, Adopt-A-Beach Program. 

Other Useful Info: 

  1. Zero Waste Cleanup Supply Guide at HERE
  2. How Long To Decompose at HERE
  3. How Much Can You Collect at HERE

Is this program eligible for Community Service Hours and does it qualify for court ordered hours?
If you require volunteer hours for work, school, or another organization, we are able to provide you with a Letter of Appreciation after you report your data from your cleanup.  However, if you are looking to fulfill court-ordered hours, this is not an eligible program, since it is a self-led cleanup.  We do offer opportunities that qualify for court-ordered hours through our regularly scheduled and staffed cleanups and volunteer opportunities.
Will a staff member be on-site during the cleanup?
No, our Adopt-A-Beach/Canyon program is a self-led, independent cleanup opportunity and staff will not be on site on the day of the cleanup.
Do my three cleanups have to be in the same calendar year to adopt a location?
Yes, if you are looking to adopt a location by doing three cleanups they must all happen in the calendar year.  The clock starts January 1 not with your first cleanup event.

Join the fun and bring your friends & family!

Click HERE for the flyer.

Setting: In-Person
Meet at the top of the beach access stairs at the intersection of Linda Way & Sea Ridge Drive
Linda Way and Sea Ridge Drive
La Jolla, CA 92037

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