BRCC Community Meeting and Quarterly MAD Meeting
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Pacific
Bird Rock Elementary School Auditorium
La Jolla, CA 92037

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  1. Welcome, Board Member Introductions, Remarks
  2. Present a Certificate of Appreciation
​​The BRCC is pleased to present a certificate of appreciation to Steve Hadley, the former Community Outreach Director for Councilmember Joe LaCava.  It is awarded in recognition of the outstanding support he has provided to the Bird Rock Community by consistently facilitating BRCC access to the appropriate City employees and by consistently ensuring quick and useful response from them and thereby helping the BRCC to meet its mission to enhance Bird Rock as a vibrant and diverse neighborhood.
  1. A Special Shout-Out 
Congratulations to Dash Richardson for completing his Eagle Scout Project to replace three old, unsafe, and deteriorating benches, one at the Forward St. overlook and two at Calumet Park. Thanks to Dash, Boy Scout Troop 4 members who helped, and adult supervisors including Scout leaders, Barbara Dunbar, and Joyce Snell.  On Sunday, September 24, the three new benches were assembled and installed.  Projects like this help make Bird Rock a very special place to live, work and visit.
  1. Updates from Representatives of Elected Officials are in Appendix A
  2. Updates on BRCC Activities
  1. To apply for the I Love a Clean San Diego, Adopt-A-Beach program for Sun Gold Point/PB Point, the BRCC needs a volunteer from the Bird Rock community who will agree to oversee the Adopt-A-Beach cleanups 3 times per year and related documentation.  Please send an email to if you have questions, would like to volunteer or know someone who would help.
  2. Progress is being made on a three-part lighting project (i.e., sidewalk tree and bush lighting, median lighting and building lighting), which will benefit residents, merchants and visitors by making the Bird Rock commercial district safer and more inviting. 
  3. Trace Wilson is preparing renderings for three alternatives for the Bird Rock signage project, which the BRCC could submit to the City and LJCPA for approval.  This project will improve the identity of the Bird Rock commercial district and commemorate the establishment of the Bird Rock Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) and the capital improvements made by the City  The alternatives are:
    1. A large (e.g., 6’ tall) natural rock monument, including one or more pelicans, which would be in the median of the 5600 block of La Jolla Blvd.;
    2. A natural rock with an etched welcome message and pelican, which would be in the roundabouts at the northern and southern ends of the commercial district; and
    3. A natural rock with an etched welcome message and one or more pelicans on top of or near the rock, which would be in the roundabouts identified above.
 We believe the City would allow a substantially larger monument in the median than in the roundabouts.  The BRCC will share the renderings for the three alternatives with the Bird Rock community and get feedback at a future BRCC Community Meeting and potentially by other means.  During that meeting, we will also discuss the option of combining alternative 1 with alternative 2 or 3.​We are developing a project to highlight the history of Bird Rock. 
  1. We are requesting funds from the City, County and State to replace the pedestrian crossing signals at the 5 La Jolla Blvd. roundabouts in the Bird Rock with horizontal, rapid flashing, beacon system pedestrian crossing signals.  The existing signals frequently need repairs and are much less effective than the signals the City has installed recently elsewhere on La Jolla Blvd., which are more visible and increase pedestrian safety.
  2. We are pursuing efforts to ensure that the La Jolla Community Planning Association (LJCPA) adequately considers the interests of the Greater Bird Rock Community (see Item 5 below).  
If you have any questions about those projects, please email them to,
  1. La Jolla Community Planning Association (LJCPA)
The LJCPA has an important advisory role in land use issues in La Jolla.  It is critical that more members of the Greater Bird Rock Community join the LJCPA immediately to ensure that the changes to the LJCPA bylaws, which the LJCPA will approved soon, will help ensure that the LJCPA will be appropriately responsive to interests of the Greater Bird Rock Community in the future.  It is very simple to become a LJCPA member.  You can do that by simply signing up at:

The next LJCPA meeting is this Thursday October 5, 2023, 6 PM, at The Bishop’s School, Manchester Board Room, 7607 La Jolla Blvd.  The following two Bird Rock projects are expected to be on the Consent Agenda.  Consent items are voted together, without presentation or debate.  Upon approval, the Committee/Board recommendations become the LJCPA’s.  Anyone attending the meeting may “pull” Consent items for full discussion and a vote at a subsequent CPA meeting.
5270 Chelsea St (1081479, Rory Foubister)
Process 3 Coastal Development Permit and Site Development Permit to demolish the existing single-family residence and construct a new 6,234 Square Foot two-story single-family residence and a 616 Square Foot detached accessory dwelling unit. The 0.29-acre site is in the RS-1-7, Coastal (Appealable) overlay zone within the La Jolla Community Plan area.  Council District 1.  This development is within the Coastal Overlay zone.
9/19/23 Motion: Make this FINAL (Jackson/Fremdling)
PASSES 6-0-0
9/19/23 Motion: Findings CAN be made (Jackson/Shannon)
PASSES 5-0-1 (Chair abstains)

424 Sea Ridge Dr. (1050173, Kevin Leon, Mark Lyon, Ricardo Hernandez)
Proposed renovations to an existing single-family residence.  460 SQ. FT. of New Living Area.  505 SQ. FT. of New Roof Deck and Exterior Stairs.
Motion: to Make FINAL (Jackson/Williams)
PASSES 6-0-0
Motion: Findings CAN be made (Jackson/Rasmussen)
PASSES 5-0-1
In addition, the LJCPA is scheduled to vote on the following Bird Rock project at its October meeting.
6.1 5646 Chelsea Street, (1079635, Sam Koob)
(Process 3) Coastal Development Permit, Proposed work for the demolition of an existing two-story single-family residence and the construction of a new two-story single-family residence with an attached garage, basement, and roof deck along with an attached ADU at 5646 Chelsea Ave.  [SDMC] 126.0702

6/20/23 DPR Motion: Findings CAN be made.PASSES 4-3-1
7/06/23 LJCPA Consent Agenda: PULLED
8/03/23 LJCPA Full Review, Motion: Send back to DPR for further review.PASSES 13-1-1
8/08/23 DPR Motion:
Findings CAN be made.PASSES 4-2-1
9/7/23 LJCPA Consent Agenda:  PULLED by Sherri Lightner on behalf of Richard Kruse
Reasons for PULL
At the recent August 8th LJDPR meeting, there was a serious violation in the words & actions of one of the trustee’s***, which may have adversely affected the public’s willingness to address & comment on the Project, and adversely affected the trustee’s vote & decision to approve this Project 4-2-1.  This violation was per Bylaws Consent Agenda item, “5.(b). All interested members of the public were given an opportunity to address the Committee or Board. Any interested member of the public may comment on a consent agenda item.” We request that this matter be reviewed prior to the September 7th LJCPA meeting via minutes, audio recording, discussion amongst other trustees present at the August 8th LJDPR meeting, public present at the August 8th LJDPR meeting, and this matter resolved accordingly.  Time is of the essence!
 ***A public statement was made by this trustee to the effect, “I am tired of the LJCPA dumping this type of case back on us (LJDPR)...”  Further, this trustee stated, “…you (Richard Kruse) and other neighbors in your neighborhood don’t want change & are unwilling to accept change.” 
 This statement was inappropriate, (both personally & publically) offensive & unacceptable for a trustee to make such a statement, and publicly as such!  At the recent Aug 3rd LJCPA meeting, the trustees voted to return this project to the LJDPR by a vote of 13-1-0, which is far removed from that of the LJCPA “dumping” the project back on the LJDPR!  It is our opinion that few if any trustees on the LJCPA would appreciate statements such as that above?  Something is broken in the Committee to Sub-Committee to Committee process, which needs to be addressed & resolved! Please consider these requests! Very Truly Yours, Richard Kruse
  1. Adelante Townhomes project at 5575 La Jolla Blvd, including the potential changes Russ Murfey proposed. 
 The October 3 BRCC Community Meeting will focus on the proposed Adelante Townhomes project for two reasons.  First, the final design of the proposed Adelante Townhomes project could have a significant impact on the future of the Bird Rock commercial district and on the Greater Bird Rock Community, which benefits from a diverse and vibrant Bird Rock commercial district.  Second, it is therefore critical that members of that community have an additional opportunity to learn about the project and voice their opinions about it. 
  1. Brief intro
  2. Presentations by members of the Bird Rock Community and others who have information to share concerning the project
 Note:  Because the Murfeys were provided time to present their project at the September 5 meeting, they will not make a formal presentation at this meeting.  However, they will have an opportunity to ask and answer questions.  I will provide time for the presenters under this item to respond to comments etc. concerning their presentations.
  1. Question, comments etc. from attendees concerning the project.
  1. Public Announcements (2 minutes each on non-agenda topics)
  2.  Updates from Bird Rock Working Groups
    • ​​Neighborhood Watch - if you have any questions about the Bird Rock Neighborhood Watch or want to volunteer, send an email to
    •  Ad hoc Bird Rock Coastal Committee (Don Schmidt, Mary Lynn Hyde)The report will be available here soon.
    • Bird Rock Merchants Group (Craig Bender and Ron Fineman)The report will be available here soon.
  3. Next Community Meeting
Tuesday, November 7, 6 PM at Bird Rock Elementary School Auditorium with limited Zoom access, Zoom details will be available to at
  1. Adjournment
  1. Welcome Bird Rock MAD Property Owners and Public Attendees
  2. Bird Rock MAD Quarterly UpdatesThe report will be available here soon.
  3. Annual Bird Rock MAD Meeting Announcement
The Annual MAD meeting for assessed property owners is Nov. 7 and was noticed in the Sep/Oct Bird Rock Newsletter, which included the approved budget for the current year (FY24) and the proposed budget for FY25.
  1. Public Comments and Questions
  2. Adjournment
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